LOVING CARE hospice volunteers are as diverse as the patients they serve, covering all ages, nationalities, ethnic backgrounds and lifestyles. Some volunteers are retired; others are working professionals or students. We even have volunteers who are homebound. Some of our volunteers are moving through their own grief process. Having benefited from the assistance, support and companionship of LOVING CARE HOSPICE, they decided that becoming a volunteer is an appropriate way to honor their loved one. 

Whatever their strengths or interests, hospice volunteers find unique ways to make patients’ eyes light up. LOVING CARE HOSPICE volunteers provide services such as:

  • Friendly companionship for patients
  • Respite care to give a family caregiver a much-needed break
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Pick-up and delivery of medications
  • Accompanying a patient to a church function, beauty shop, grocery store, wedding, etc.
  • Calling families to see if they need anything, or just to listen
  • Pet care, including taking the patient’s pet for a walk or to the vet

All LOVING CARE HOSPICE volunteers go through a training program that focuses on what terminally ill patients and their families may experience and teaches volunteers how to provide care as part of a hospice team. Trained volunteers commit at least one to four hours a week to providing LOVING CARE HOSPICE volunteer services.

With their unique talents, LOVING CARE HOSPICE California hospice volunteers serve as patient and family advocates and help bring dignity and compassion to the end of life. Possible hospice volunteer opportunities in California include:

Administrative VolunteersAdministrative volunteers promote hospice care by helping with office mailings, maintaining patient records, filing, computer assistance, answering phones and assisting with various program operations. LOVING CARE HOSPICE volunteer orientation is provided free of charge to help you learn the skills required to be an outstanding administrative volunteer.

Activity VolunteersProvide assistance to patients with activities provided monthly by Hospice Care Outreach Team (i.e., play games,  afternoon tea, reading, knitting).

Bereavement VolunteersVisit bereaved caregivers after the patient’s death, help bereaved caregivers fill out post-death paperwork LOVING CARE HOSPICE bereavement specialists provide grief and loss counseling, memorial services, and other support services for family and loved ones

End-of-Life VolunteersTrained patient-care volunteers provide support, respite care and companionship in the home or nursing home with patients who are actively dying.

Direct Patient Care VolunteersTrained volunteers visit or telephone patients and families at home, in nursing homes, assisted living facilities or inpatient units.

Junior VolunteersJunior volunteers are a welcomed part of LOVING CARE HOSPICE Volunteer Services. Whether you wish to pursue a career in healthcare or are interested in learning about the rewards of volunteer service, a variety of positions provide unique academic and pre-professional opportunities.